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Private equity in Luxembourg represents quite a diverse landscape, which adds an additional layer of complexity to existing operations and procedures of main actors, not only in terms of variety of structures in place and a need for additional skills required but also in terms of the increased number of non-routine, non-automated, complex transactions and various or new accounting rules and principles.


It is not realistic to expect complexity to decline in an increasingly sophisticated environment. The most appropriate action is to seek ways of understanding it and finding solutions. This basic private equity guide, which is a companion to basic private equity training sessions, was prepared to help you understand and deal with the diverse world of private equity so that you continue to successfully serve your existing and future clients and turn new challenges into opportunities.


Private Equity Training


We offer two different formats of training courses and you may chose your preferred approach depending on complexity, difficulty, knowledge, experience, skill levels of participants and time available:

  • a conventional style training, which is one or two days course, containing theory and practical real-life examples;
  • an accounting school type training consisting of  a series of training sessions, given on a regular basis (i.e. weekly, max 2 hours each session) and focusing on one key topic at a time ; or
  • a combination of the above, meaning with selected topics provided through out the year.

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