Boardroom briefings 

Upcoming regulations in a nutshell


The purpose of KPMG’s boardroom briefings is to provide you with an overview of the continuing wave of regulatory changes and to explain what the possible consequences for your company could be. Our market specialists clarify the challenges ahead and how to prepare your business to become compliant with the various regulations.


The presentation outlines the most important local, European and international regulations. The general content, current interpretations and timelines are explained.


The potential impacts on the insurance sector in Luxembourg are then discussed. Among other things, it shines a light on FATCA, FTT, PRIPs, IMD2, PSA,…


KPMG Luxembourg proposes to organize a free of charge two hour meeting for the key people and decision makers of your company (non-executive directors, board of directors,…). This briefing can take place at your premises or at KPMG’s. The aim is to have an open discussion so we can answer the questions you might have.

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