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We strive to understand our clients’ needs, to exceed those needs and to consistently add value whilst doing so.


We are faced with ever changing economic and market conditions, evolving legislation and regulation and therefore a constant pressure on us to remain up to date, create innovative solutions to our clients’ challenges and to remain competitive. Our continuous contribution to promoting the Luxembourg marketplace via industry working groups and thought leadership publications facilitates us to meet this challenge, be innovative and remain competitive. Ensuring client satisfaction and building strong relationships through excellent business knowledge is largely anchored in the high quality we deliver in all our services.

    Quality remains a cornerstone of our business strategy and this is increasingly important with such fast developing regulation. This puts pressure on our management group and supporting them with appropriate frameworks to ensure that they maintain quality standards whilst continuing to meet client needs is critical. Within KPMG Luxembourg we implement and monitor compliance with global and local quality and risk management policies and procedures in the firm that are designed to manage risk, enhance quality control and to comply with laws, regulations and professional standards.

    KPMG Luxembourg strives to add value to the Luxembourg marketplace and our clients’ businesses by:


    • Actively participating in industry organisations and working groups such as ALFI, CSSF, CAA, IFBL, IRE, INDR, etc.
    • Enforcing our code of ethics and independence
    • Complying with policy on corporate governance
    • Executing client relationship assessments

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CSR Report 2012


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"This is a pivotal time for KPMG Luxembourg which, in an uncertain economic market, aims to lead the way as a responsible business offering sustainable and innovative services to our clients."

Thomas Feld, Chief Operating Officer


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