KPMG Luxembourg podcasts
R. Stobo et J.M. Goy:
UCITS IV : Equal treatment of investors of a master/feeder stucture
R. Stobo et J.M. Goy:
UCITS IV : Proportionality principle in the context of self-managed SICAV
G. Bock - KPMG:
Tax hurdles around UCITS IV
D. Millerot - European Commission:
AIFM Directive - What's next?
J.M. Goy - CSSF:
AIFM Directive First Proposal - Basis for discussion
Claude Kremer:
Is the Fund Industry still a stable pillar in the Luxembourg economy?
Minister Luc Frieden:
Regulation of Financial Markets

UCITS IV - Opportunity or threat?

J.M. Goy - CSSF:

Responsibility of a Luxembourg Depositary bank

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