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  • Date: 2/27/2014


Louis Thomas

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AutomotiveNow Magazine 

In transition: The future of the supplier industry


Edition 1/2014 of the AutomotiveNow magazine presents current concepts and new ideas which demonstrate how the automotive suppliers are dealing with the impending upheavals in the automotive industry. Cooperative ventures might be the solution to survive. 

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“Suppliers must have a presence in the places where their customers are located. They must adapt their products specifically for different regions, markets and segments. And they must set themselves apart from their competitors, not only in terms of cost and quality but also in terms of service. The ones who take this advice to heart should be able to hold their own in the race for the best solutions in the key disciplines of comfort, safety and energy efficiency.”

– Mathieu Meyer, KPMG Global Head of Automotive


Other articles include:

Cover Story: In transition – Strong together

Business partners: Global perspective

Country focus: Mexico – Boom in the backyard

Best practice: New rules

Expertise: A question of structuring

Know-how: Charged up

Exit: What remains of the day


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