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  • Date: 6/19/2014


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Investing in the future 

At KPMG, we believe that the future for the investment management industry is very positive and to capture the opportunities presented, it will have to overcome unprecedented challenges. Our intent with this report is to encourage you to think about the impact of megatrends on your business. We ask you consider which trends will impact you most? Do you need to take action now? Which do you need to monitor and track going forward? How might rules of the game change and what would you do?
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The world in which we live and work is changing rapidly, driven by a number of deeply-rooted forces – megatrends. We have been tracking these trends and considering the potential implications for the industry. Changes in demographics, technology, the environment and social values are set to re-draw the corporate landscape. Investment management will not escape this overhaul. In fact, the impact could be profound. We feel that the industry will need to radically reshape to remain relevant.

There is a significant prize up for grabs. Not only is the industry likely to be considerably larger in 15 years’ time than it is today, perhaps more interestingly we believe it will have a more important role to play in clients lives and society in general. This is great news for existing players which are able to take advantage, but also for new entrants that may find it too attractive a market to ignore.


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