• Industry: Financial Services, Banking
  • Date: 6/14/2013


Anne-Sophie Minaldo


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Julien Dubosq


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Global Audit Committee survey results - A focus on Luxembourg 

KPMG would like to share the results of our last survey on Audit committees but also highlight the soft skills that are expected from internal auditor today.
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The key role of internal audit is evolving and will consist of: 

  1. Inspiring collaborative style to get the most efficient approach shared across the 3 Key Control Functions (Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management).
  2. Being empowered by Board of Directors (and / or Audit Committee, if any).
  3. Communicating openly with the auditees.
  4. Providing added value to the control environment (process enhancement, documentation improvement which will ultimately lead to an improved Management Information System).
  5. Reporting to the board of directors (and / or audit committee, if any).
  6. Interacting with the CSSF on demand.

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