India Fraud Survey Report 

Fraud, misconduct and non-compliance are issues that Indian firms seldom feel comfortable discussing.  Does that mean there is no malpractice prevalent within the industry? Or that all firms are compliant with regulations? How does one gauge the extent of these practices in India?


It was with this intent that KPMG launched its first fraud survey in 1995. Since then the survey has remained a key differentiator and helped position KPMG Forensic as thought leaders.


Today the survey is launched biennially and is a comprehensive report covering fraud perceptions, dominant malpractices in industry, processes vulnerable to fraud, perpetrators, fraud detection and response, corporate governance, fraud risk management as well as key upcoming fraud risks including bribery and corruption, e-crime and intellectual property fraud.


In an era rife with globalization, transparent business practices and zero tolerance to fraud and misconduct are key concerns for companies doing business in India. The fraud survey helps firms gauge their preparedness to tackle fraud, misconduct and non-compliance.


The report is much sought after by corporates, regulators, law enforcement agencies as well as the media.


KPMG INDIA Fraud Survey 2012 was launched recently and focuses on futuristic fraud and corporate India’s preparedness to tackle them. The complete report can be downloaded by clicking here.


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