Financial Management Advisory Services 

Organizations need to align finance functions with their strategy to realize and sustain value over the long term. Transforming their finance capabilities helps drive business value across the enterprize while seeking to foster the integrity of the processes and information delivered to the key stakeholders.

What differentiates us?

  • Our breadth of skills enables us to look at aspects of Finance Transformation services based on experience, established methodologies and services across the CFO spectrum
  • Our Business Performance Management (BPM) methodology enables us to analyze the way our clients conduct and drive business performance by developing an approach to help clients understand their business drivers through the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Our objective of finance excellence, given the evolving role of CFO from the traditional manager of Finance function with the CEO.

Key Offerings

    • Finance Strategy - Developing a finance vision and strategy, which often involves an analysis of current processes, organizational structures, skills and competencies, information technology enablement, governance, operating environment/culture and business linkage, organizational design and development, support with decision-making processes and reporting and planning requirements, as well as assistance with finance systems
    • Finance Transformation/Process Enhancement – Finance Transformation services focus on enhancing and integrating the performance of three main finance areas – enhancing financial performance, financial control and financial operations. This includes offerings such as ‘Order to cash’, ‘Procure to pay’, ‘Acquire to retire’, ‘Plan to perform’ and ‘Record to report’ which help in ‘Right sizing' the finance organizations' cost base to meet the stakeholder objectives
    • Business Performance Management/Reporting – Streamlining and standardizing planning, budgeting and forecasting. KPMG's BPM model describes the phases of controlling a company, from the conceptual development of key figures (identifying the success drivers), their planning, budgeting and forecasting, through to management reporting
    • Cash and Working Capital Management - Working capital cycle reviews to help identify process and control opportunities for improvement, detailed balance sheet review to help identify cash generation and cash preservation opportunities, assistance in implementing the opportunities identified, the development and transfer of skills to the client’s management team and design of enhanced cash reporting
    • Finance Function Integration - Advice on mergers of finance organizations, shortly after a deal is finalized or years after many mergers have been executed
    • Shared Services
    • Shared Service Centre (SSC) Strategy and feasibility: Examining whether it is appropriate and feasible to organize an SSC
    • Analysis: Examining the current process structure in detail, initial signs of optimization potential can be identified here
    • Concept: Developing ideal processes and the future design of HR, IT and organizational structures
    • Implementation: Planning the move to the SSC and the detailed stages of the migration
    • Operation: Support with start-up of activities in the SSC. Key questions in this phase: Are expectations met? Which aspects require fine tuning?
    • Further development: Establishing a continuous improvement process as the SSC is expanded.