Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I have submitted my application for a position 2 weeks ago. I am interested in a different position now. Do I need to re-submit my resume?
A: No, you are not required to re-submit your resume as it would already have been captured in our database and we will do a search for suitable matches. However, if you wish to apply for another position, you can utilize or update the same resume you have submitted to us via the website.
Q: I would like to submit my resume for your retention so that you can call me if there are any suitable positions. How can I do that? Who do I send it to?
A: Please use the online application form within the recruitment website and your resume will be captured on our database for future openings.
Q: If I am currently in another industry and wish to pursue a career with KPMG will my application be considered?
A: All applications will be considered in accordance with the requirements of the role.
Q: If I am considered unsuitable for a position, will I be informed?
A: Unfortunately, only short-listed candidates will be notified.
Q: If I wish to apply for a position in UK, how do I go about doing it?
A: Please select the country of your choice within the website or you can apply directly to the KPMG LLP (UK) website.
Q: How many interviews would one have to go for before a job offer is made?
A: There would be an average of about three stages to the recruitment process, one with HR, and two with the business that is hiring this position.
Q: Will I be sent for training courses to upgrade my skills?
A: Yes. KPMG strongly believes in continous training and development.
Q: Do I need to meet all the requirements stated for a position before I can apply for the job?
A: No. You can still apply for the position even if you do not meet all the requirements whereby your application will be considered with all other applications.
Q: I do not hold a valid work permit to work in India, can I still apply for a position for India?
A: We will consider your application in accordance with the local labor law.

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