Employee Engagement 


Richard Rekhy "Corporate Citizenship in KPMG helps shape our values, influences the choices we make and gives us the opportunity to build the relationships we have with our communities. The success of our work is driven by the strong commitment of our people towards our Corporate Citizenship programmes. We believe that maintaining sustained relationships with our communities can play a significant role in bringing the change that we strive for, and can address the issues faced by our society. Our community initiatives and volunteering programmes have been growing steadily over the years as we build effective relationships with NGOs, schools and colleges across the country. By volunteering our people’s time energy , we are able to demonstrate our responsibility towards sustainable community development."

Richard Rekhy, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in India

The personal involvement and commitment of our people is one of the greatest assets of our Corporate Citizenship programme. We believe that by harnessing the skills we use every day and applying them to the world and communities around us, we can help make positive changes in our communities, locally and across the world. Volunteering activities provide a platform for our people to address issues with which they feel connected. While participating in these, our people also gain insight and perspective on the social challenges around them.



The results of the Global People Survey were encouraging - our people associated with the Citizenship agenda and felt they were part of a firm that is a responsible Corporate Citizen. Out of the 10 areas that were surveyed, Corporate Citizenship was ranked the highest. This was reinforced by our people who volunteered more than 31,000 hours volunteering at over 230 activites to support a range of causes, such as raising funds for palliative care for cancer, teaching English and organising carnivals at local schools, participating in marathons to raise awareness for charities.