• Service: Advisory, Performance & Technology
  • Date: 6/24/2014

Mobile Identity 

The rapid increase in mobile computing capabilities, coupled with a huge penetration in the Indian market, has opened up varied opportunities across multiple industries.  KPMG has come out with a report highlighting the mechanisms through which these opportunities can be harnessed in transforming the way in which we securely interact and transact in the digital world.  One of the solutions is around making digital signatures available on mobile based encryption technologies. This report elaborates the key features of this solution and lists in detail some of the transactions that can be made possible in different domains of financial services, retail, healthcare, governance and commerce. As an example, the recently issued Companies Act 2013 requires all listed companies and companies with 1000 or more shareholders to provide e-voting by 2015, clearly highlighting the trends in this space.
Mobile Identity
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