International Executive services 

Our International Executive Services (IES) department provides various services to international firms, local companies and to individuals.

Dina Pasca-Raz

Head of International Taxation

+972 (3) 684 8935

John Fisher

+972 (3) 684 8666

Compliance Services

In the framework of international assignments, our assistance includes:


Exit and entrance interview

At your request we will arrange tax counseling sessions with assignees at the start and completion of an assignment. Counseling sessions will cover the following:

  • Tax implications of employment income, deferred compensation plans including stock options, investments and pensions
  • Advise on standard personal tax planning and assignee specific tax matters
  • Residence status in home and host countries
  • Review the implications of sale or rental of a principal residence
  • Provide background material to assignee


Home / host country income tax returns

Assistance with the preparation and filing of tax returns on behalf of expatriate assignees:

  • Preparation of home / host country tax returns for all authorized assignees, including any required estimated tax declarations, amended returns, and other tax related forms as required under such countries’ laws
  • Preparation of any necessary extensions on an as needed basis
  • Preparation of all routine correspondence with taxing authorities concerning returns prepared We also provide tax estimates that may be based on a net salary basis, that take into account salary split situations. Social security
  • Global efficiency reviews to ensure compliance in terms of social security
  • Planning services for key individuals, specific assignee population flows and specific categories of workers
  • Application for the relevant certificates of coverage (E101) where applicable

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