Gad Somekh

Eran Shalev
Senior Partner

Doron Dabby
Head of Audit

Eileen Toledano
Head of Financial Services

About KPMG Israel 

Somekh Chaikin was founded in 1922 and became a member firm of KPMG in 1998. 57 partners are active at KPMG Somekh Chaikin, headed by Chairman Gad Somekh, Senior Partner Eran Shalev, and the management committee. Members of the management committee include Gad Somekh, Eran Shalev, Doron Dabby, Head of Audit practice and Deputy Senior Partner, and , Eileen Toledano Head of Financial Services.
The firm currently has over 1,100 employees, and serves thousands of clients throughout the country. We have four branches in Israel: the main office in Tel Aviv; an office in Haifa, managed by Guy Aharoni; an office in Jerusalem, managed by David Krisman; and an office in Be’er Sheva, managed by Zion Amsalem.

The firm’s clients in Israel include dozens of leading companies, constituting the backbone of the Israeli economy in many sectors. These clients benefit from professional and reliable service of some of the highest international standards. The firm’s partners and employees support clients in direct and long-term relationships.

The firm’s employees include experienced accountants, economists, lawyers and analysts, who are outstanding graduates of leading universities in Israel and overseas. Some are also members of the teaching faculty at these institutions. These employees constitute the firm’s principal asset.

KPMG Somekh Chaikin strives to maintain long-term client relations by providing professional and reliable services, in accordance with high international standards.