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There is no doubt among healthcare professionals, governments and system managers that big data has the potential to redefine the healthcare industry. Freed from the burden of paper files, advocates envision a world where patients are empowered with access to their own records where healthcare facilities are interconnected, sharing everything from patient records and diagnostic images to operating room bookings and accounting platforms.

By linking up data across the system, healthcare organizations can unlock an entirely new way to deliver healthcare. Payers can create new reimbursement models, providers can achieve unprecedented efficiency and patient safety, and patients will have greater control over their health. Now that the sector's eyes are open to the power of data and analytics, nothing in the health sector will ever be the same.

– Dr Mark Britnell
Chairman and Partner, Global Health Practice

The resulting system would not only be patient-centric in its approach. It would also deliver a cost-effective way of building the capacity of health systems, both in the developed and developing worlds. In some cases, this metamorphosis could not come too soon.

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