Phase 6: Evaluate 

Regular evaluation is essential for companies taking the journey to a more sustainable business model. It is important to take a step back and critically examine what the outcomes have been for the business, its key stakeholders and its Future Value. This evaluation will enable the organization to make the journey more efficient and effective and will provide the information needed for strategic decision making.
Phase 6: Evaluate

KPMG professionals can help your organization to:

  • design and implement evaluation programs
  • measure the return on investment of initiatives and conduct cost/benefit analyses.

Case study: Quantifying social return on investment in mining

A leading coal producer needed to understand the social impact of previous activities to better inform future investments.

Building long-term value: The journey

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If a company is to successfully manage the risks and opportunities of global changes, and build a business that is sustainable in the long-term, it needs to go on a journey.

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