Below are the presentations (PDFs) that were delivered at KPMG’s EMA Tax Summit 2013.

Main Summit Break-out presentations:


Day 1


Financial Transaction Tax: The net widens (PDF 1.9 MB)


The EU Commission's efforts to combat aggressive tax planning and tax evasion (PDF 946 KB)


Does the Arm's-Length Principle have a future? (PDF 1.0 MB)


Day 2


PE developments: Current risks and future developments (PDF 692 KB)


How can we use technology to mitigate transfer pricing risk? (PDF 996 KB)


The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting ('BEPS') Initiative (PDF 757 KB)


New and emerging business models: Transfer pricing and indirect tax considerations (PDF 1.2 MB)


E-commerce: Tax in the digital domain (PDF 835 KB)


A Tax director's checklist to deliver value through indirect tax (PDF 2.5 MB)


Doing business in the Middle East: Structuring and compliance issues (PDF 806 KB)


Investing in Latin America: Challenges and opportunities deriving from the most recent tax developments and their impact for foreign investors (PDF 1 MB)


From local challenge to strategic global enabler: A transformative approach to compliance sourcing (PDF 1.7 MB)


Financial Services Event presentations:


Financial Transaction Tax – business cost or fundamental change? (PDF 2.8 MB)


The critical role of global transfer pricing policies (a joint session with Global Transfer Pricing Services) (PDF 946 KB)


Optimizing Transfer Pricing and VAT in a changing world (PDF 670KB)


Financial Services of the future (PDF 745 KB)


Global Transfer Pricing Services Technical Forum presentations:


Intractable intangibles and other OECD projects (PDF 972 KB)


Transfer pricing implementation – from theory to practice (PDF 737 KB)


The critical role of global transfer pricing policies (a joint session with Financial Services) (PDF 781 KB)


Speed updates 1 – focus on Asia (PDF 649 KB)


Special Session - What happens if tax authorities adopt the approach to documentation recommended in the OECD White Paper? (PDF 615 KB)


Doing things differently – new approaches to technical transfer pricing issues (PDF 1.2 MB)


Spotlight on Germany – international tax and transfer pricing trends (PDF 668 KB)


Resolving transfer pricing disputes – approaches for key jurisdictions (PDF 664 KB)


Speed updates 2 – focus on EMA (PDF 689 KB)


GTPS Technical Forum Booklet


GTPS Technical Forum 2013: Summary in Pictures (PDF 1.39 MB)

2013 KPMG EMA Tax Summit
30 September 2 October
Berlin, Germany


 Berlin - Points of interest

Preparing for the New Normal

John Neighbour
Hear about the new Global policy agenda from John Neighbour, Deputy Leader of KPMG's Global Transfer Pricing Leader.

Tax Views - KPMG’s 2013 EMA Tax Summit

At KPMG's 2013 EMA Tax Summit we ask the hard questions, share our points of view and welcome you to the conversations.

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