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Did you know your business may be able to obtain VAT refunds on the following types travel and entertainment expenses?

Companies that do business in the European Union are often entitled to recover the value-added tax (VAT) paid on certain types of business expenses and purchases of goods and services. However, every year large amounts in recoverable foreign VAT are left unclaimed and accessing refunds is becoming more difficult. According to KPMG's VAT/GST Refunds Survey 2014, some countries even preclude refunds altogether, while others may allow refunds in theory, but in practice payment is being excessively delayed and processes can be expensive to comply with.

Combining data analytics, technology-enabled opportunity identification and automated claim preparation, KPMG's network of professionals can help you recover foreign VAT that may be currently missed and take a complex, and sometimes highly manual process, off of your hands.

KPMG's VAT Recovery Services teams are comprised of a global network of multilingual professionals based in member firms and Centers of Excellence around the world with deep knowledge of VAT business issues in multiple jurisdictions

Have you considered?

  • Do you incur travel and entertainment expenses in the EU?

  • Is VAT refunds part of your cost management effort?

  • Is your VAT refund process as efficient as it could be?

  • Do you know how much VAT you are entitled to recover?


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Global VAT Recovery Services Global VAT Recovery Services Global VAT Recovery Services Global VAT Recovery Services Global VAT Recovery Services

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KPMG has developed a new approach to VAT recovery based on a combination of data analysis technology and process automation.

VAT/GST Refunds Survey 2014

VAT/GST Refunds Survey 2014
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