Cyber security transformation 

Dealing with the cyber threats is a complex matter. As the Information Security landscape is continuously evolving, a shift of focus from protection and compliance is critical. Relying solely on defense will not stop a determined adversary to get through to the confidential information within the organization. Public and private sector organizations must be informed of what risks they face so that at any time they can assess the nature, timing and the occurrence of an attack. The intelligence and insight that the attack provides is at the heart of next generation of Information Security.

In many large, complex global organizations, moving from a reactive to proactive operating mode requires transformative change. Technological vulnerabilities are only part of the problem. It requires organizations to address core people processes, culture and behaviors. It also requires organizations to overcome significant trust barriers and collaborate with competitors and law enforcement agencies to effectively target the threats.

The transformation phase of KPMG’s Cyber Security Framework is about organizing and delivering a wholesale program of change to improve an organization’s cyber security.

What’s on your mind?

  • How do I bring about wholesale change in our cyber security posture?
  • How do I change the security culture of my organization?
  • How do I best design and structure a program of change?
  • How do we ensure we realize the benefits?

Our services

By bringing together specialists in information protection and business continuity, risk management, privacy, organizational design, behavioral change and intelligence management, KPMG member firms can tailor a strategy relevant to your risk appetite and the cyber threats your organization faces.

Using our vast experience of delivering transformational change with some of the world’s largest organizations, we understand how to design, structure and implement programs that deliver sustainable benefits.


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Malcolm Marshall

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Nicholas Fox

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Charles Hosner

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