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The mining sector is a dynamic industry as the fortunes of the industry are susceptible to external economic pressures and government policies.

The mining sector is a dynamic industry as the fortunes of the industry are susceptible to external economic pressures and government policies.

Given the complex layers of local and federal taxation systems imposed on mining companies, ranging from resource royalties, mining taxes, corporate tax, indirect taxes, and exploration and R&D concessions, it is important to build taxation into a mining organization’s overall business strategy and planning, including from a compliance and risk perspective.

KPMG’s thought leadership provides mining sector participants with insight into these challenges and issues, enabling them to make better decisions faster.


Mining risk and assurance: A survival strategy

Eight key drivers of value and the associated risks are identified for mining companies. To become masters of risk, organizations need an integrated risk and assurance strategy.


Mining: Global Credentials

This publication provides an overview of how KPMG can provide mining organizations with the knowledge, insight and services to assist them with the challenges faced throughout the entire mining asset life cycle.

Energy & Natural Resources Taxation Update: March 2013

Read the highlights of tax issues impacting the industry: from income tax to state taxes; customs; carbon pricing and more.



Commodity trading companies

The report was developed based on the views of professionals from KPMG’s member firms who specialize in a range of global tax & advisory disciplines.



R&D spend in the energy and natural resources sector

South Africa is primarily a resource-driven economy. Increasing R&D spend in our ENR sector will help drive the economy, new legislation effective 1 October 2012 relaxes previous restrictions on claiming such incentives for ENR companies. 


Transfer pricing in Africa

Global interest in Africa’s resources has reached an all-time high. Due to the increasing volume of cross-border transactions, most African countries have shown interest in transfer pricing.



Corporate and indirect tax survey

The annual Corporate and Indirect Tax Rate Survey from KPMG International provides insight into the trends impacting global tax rates, including corporate and indirect tax rates.



A Guide to Canadian Mining Taxation

Mining is currently one of Canada’s fastest-growing sectors. While the mining industry is vital to Canada’s economic well-being, understanding the taxes imposed by any particular government are crucial to the viability of a mining project.


Latin America Indirect Tax Country Guide

The Indirect Tax Services practice launches Latin America Indirect Tax Country Guide (GITB), which is the guide of Indirect Taxes in Latin America and presents a panorama of the scheme VAT / GST.


Resource Taxation in Australia

The Australian resources taxation landscape has recently experienced significant change with the introduction of new tax legislation.



China Tax Alert: Energy & Natural Resources Focus

This publication focuses on issues affecting the Energy & Natural Resources industry in China, including oil & gas, power and utilities, mining and renewable energy.



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