Jan de Boer, KPMG in the Netherlands 

A leading exponent of Health IT, Jan helps join up the different parts of the healthcare community to improve healthcare by using new technology.

Seeing the opportunities of new technology

Health IT is at the heart of Jan’s work, making healthcare better and affordable with the use of new technology. Much of his effort is focused on the growing challenge of moving patients from acute care to more local settings.

Jan joined KPMG in 1993 and is a qualified IT Advisor and has a Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, Information Systems and Science from University of Groningen. He has extensive experience in leading and delivering IT strategy and performance services, especially in health. Jan has worked closely with board members, professionals, members of government and IT companies to realize eHealth initiatives, and argues that the importance of alignment and cooperation is frequently overlooked and underestimated.

For too long, eHealth strategies have focused on ‘pushing’ patients to accept, often as an article of faith, promised high level benefits which do not fully materialize. We might rather, take inspiration from successful ‘pull’ movements which attract and harness the power of the crowd. He foresees that in order to fully reap the benefits of Health IT initiatives, a national and global cooperation and alignment between all stakeholders is becoming increasingly more important – and ultimately will determine the success of Health IT in the long-term.

Jan has helped different care providers and governments, implement new IT systems and IT strategies. He recently performed an international study, Accelerated innovation: Global Lessons in eHealth.

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