Practical help 

MESA offers a potentially bewildering array of choices for relocation.
Practical help

It’s such a richly diverse region, both in terms of client base and cultural make-up, that it may be difficult to know which country is the right choice for you to progress your career. You’ll also need to think about where you’re going to be most comfortable living, taking into account factors such as the prevalence of Islamic culture, to whether you can deal with heat and humidity.


It’s even more critical if you have a family to bring with you, so you need to research types of accommodation, schooling options and transport among other things to help them adapt to a new life.


But you needn't think all these things through on your own. We've pulled together some sites that we think will really help you to get a better picture of just what it is like to live in those countries.

Using these resources, you can get on-the-ground information about the countries you’re considering and network with existing expats who have already been through the expatriation process.

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