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Having worked in India and Singapore I am constantly surprised with my experiences at KPMG Qatar. I have done several transactions in India, South East Asia and Australia and now have done some interesting work in the Middle East. I am from India and working in KPMG Qatar has been fulfilling and has exceeded my expectations.
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Service line: Advisory – Corporate Finance
Role: Associate Director
Location: Qatar
Joined KPMG: 2006
I had read a lot about Qatar before coming here. Qatar is fascinating – it is a fast-developing nation with a wide array of opportunities and excellent growth potential. The pace of economic activity here has thrown up incredible opportunities for local and international companies and institutions to position themselves for growth.

KPMG in Qatar is supporting that growth with skilled professionals delivering quality advice and planning – this firm has been at the forefront of professional excellence, and it too is growing tremendously.

The challenges have been very demanding and we are now proud that we have built a leading practice. We have established a strong and demanding customer base of some of the most respected institutions, companies and individuals in Qatar – it’s been a constant learning process where we sometimes have had to reinvent ourselves to fit in with the shifts in the marketplace.

Our firm in Qatar is truly multicultural and many of the staff are from around the world. Everyone is respectful of each other and work together alongside the local population who are extremely hospitable. It is a refreshing feeling to be appreciated, rewarded and be provided with a platform to deliver quality that makes you proud.

The culture here is one of discussion and teamwork where everyone has a say in the thinking. KPMG really inculcates the values of work/life balance and this is practised in its full spirit in Qatar.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the way business is done here and the lifestyle offered. It’s a wonderful place and I would recommend it to anyone who is motivated, mature and seeks greater glory through interesting work and a good lifestyle.

Qatar is an open society and permits one to follow his or her own beliefs, take part in any of the activities available and provides an excellent career platform for quality professionals.

If you like to work in a challenging environment and want to make each day count, then look at KPMG in Qatar: it has a truly outstanding culture which brings down barriers, seeks excellence, and is fun to work in.
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