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I have dual Bangladeshi and British nationality, and I was educated in England. When I qualified as an accountant I decided to return to Bangladesh because that is where my family lives – but also because the opportunities would be more varied here than in the UK.
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Service line: Tax and Audit primarily
Role: Partner
Location: Bangladesh
Joined KPMG: 1996

That has certainly proven to be true. My clients now include three of five mobile phone operators in Bangladesh, and pretty much every multinational with a base in Bangladesh is one of our clients.

My firm is growing rapidly, between 15-20% a year and 50% for Advisory and the chances of being made a partner are pretty high. I joined as a senior manager in 1996, and was made a partner in 1998.

The prospect of quick promotion is very good. In Bangladesh we value a foreign qualification much more highly than in other countries in the Indian subcontinent. It’s a tremendous passport. If you are positioned well in this country, you can do some incredible things not just for your organization but on a national scale.

Regulatory frameworks are not quite as developed in Bangladesh compared to the rest of the MESA region, so quite often you’ll find yourself negotiating on behalf of your client directly with the regulator.

You can be right at the forefront of development, influencing what could become the next piece of legislation, and an accounting or tax treatment that you carry out could be become best practice nationally. I also sit on many committees advising government policy, for example on capital markets regulation and other fiscal issues.

Outside of work it’s not difficult to live a very comfortable life, for example in a large house with staff in the best part of town. The pace of life here is slower than in India or Pakistan, but I enjoy that.

Most of my clients say they cry twice, first when they’re told they have to come to Bangladesh, and again when they have to leave.

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