Living in Russia and the CIS 

Take your pick: the breathtaking majesty of the Caucasus Mountains, the grandeur of St Petersburg, or the awe-inspiring Tretyakov Gallery and The Hermitage Museum. Whichever you choose, Russia has a rich heritage just waiting to be enjoyed. The diversity of restaurants, music, languages, religions and traditions due to the international nature of its inhabitants also makes it an excellent choice for anyone considering living and working in a new country.

Consumer market in Russia is growing. Western retailers are flourishing in the cities and a wide variety of goods, from premium to budget, are offered by familiar world brands.

Living standards and costs vary greatly. For expatriates, renting an apartment is more common than buying. Those with families prefer to rent townhouses in residential compounds in the suburbs. There are English, German, French, Japanese and other foreign language schools catering to expat children in Moscow and St. Petersburg (as well as some other cities).

Personal safety is not a problem. Moscow and main cities are as safe as or safer in terms of street violence than other major Western cities.

Qualified medical services are available. While there are many qualified doctors in Russia, expats often prefer doctors who speak English or their native language. Medical clinics that have foreign, foreign-trained and/or foreign language-speaking doctors are available.

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