• Service: Tax
  • Level: Senior Associate
  • Joined: 2004
  • Location: US
Tamas pic

You’re from the Hungary member firm originally. How does Chicago compare?  


In Budapest I was in the Financial Services Department and worked mainly on Financial Services Transactions like bank asset transfers. In the US I’ve worked on a few Financial Services Transactions, however, the projects are more diverse here — I’ve also worked for automotive and chemical companies, for instance.  


Are you mainly working with US companies?  


I am working on several engagements with American companies, but also US subsidiaries of Chinese, German or Japanese parent companies. The international work isn’t just with clients either — for instance, I worked together extensively with colleagues from our German and Canadian KPMG member firms on an advance pricing agreement engagement involving intercompany asset transfers.  


You’ve mentioned diversity — are the people diverse at the Chicago office?


 It’s very diverse here. I have almost more international than American coworkers from countries such as Albania, China, Colombia or India. When they visit home they bring back souvenirs so you really have an opportunity to experience different cultures, even if you can’t travel to these countries yourself. It’s a very inspiring place here; the people are very exciting and open to learning about your culture and other cultures.


What does KPMG do to help you advance your professional learning?


You get to do a lot of professional training here — usually there is something every month. Just recently I went off to New York for a course where I learned lots of new skills and met some really interesting people. KPMG will also help financially if you want to perform external training. For instance, I’m currently attending the MBA program of The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


So what’s next?


I’ve been at KPMG 5 years and hoping to get to Manager level this year, but there are so many opportunities at KPMG — who knows what might come up.

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