• Service: Tax
  • Level: Consultant
  • Joined: 2008
  • Location: Australia
Clare's pic

How did you get into accountancy?


Well I’ve come into Tax from a different educational background — I studied Applied Science, and was a physio for a while, but I was looking for a different challenge. Some family friends told me what Tax was all about — it’s very dynamic and always changing, and this really appealed. So I applied to some banks and other Big Four firms, received offers from them — but I chose KPMG.


What made you choose KPMG?


KPMG showed more of an interest in me as a person. In the interviews and at social events there was friendly banter, not just work talk, and the people just felt more like me. Is there a good social scene in your firm then? Yes, I always put my hand up for social events, whether it’s a group lunch with colleagues or sport. I play touch football and soccer with my Tax group every week — it’s really good for getting to know your colleagues better outside of work, but it definitely helps in the office too.


Is Corporate Tax as dynamic as you expected it to be?


There’s never a dull moment. This afternoon for example, three new tax rulings came in from the Australian Tax Office, which may have significant implications for our clients. If you can keep up with these changes, you may find new opportunities for your clients — and you can take your ideas to your Partner or Manager, who will know how to fit it in technically at the client level.


So is critical thinking a big part of your role?


Definitely. One of the most satisfying things in my first year here was a project my Performance Manager tasked me with. He has been fantastic, mentoring me and assigning most of my work, and he asked me to analyse one of our engineering client’s financial statements.


Tell us about that.


I had to identify important data and trends, then translate my findings into a slide pack presentation. That slide pack format has become a useful tool for business development. We have now used a similar format to show other clients what they look like financially compared to their competitors, which they find very interesting.


My Partner has found it a very useful tool because it’s become a good discussion point, opportunity generator, and has produced a lot of interest from targets as well as existing clients. Other offices around the firm have made use of it too. I have learnt so much from this project and it’s made me feel like an important part of the tax team here — which is a really good feeling for a graduate.

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