Global Internship Program 

KPMG’s Global Internship Program gives you a unique opportunity to get first hand experience of working internationally with some of our firms’ largest and best-known clients.

This could be the best opportunity you ever get to give your career an international start.


With KPMG’s Global Internship Program you have the opportunity to live and work in a different country. If you can rise to the challenge of working with some of our firms’ leading clients, then we want to hear from you. But competition for the 100 places is going to be tough.


If you are a student from one of the countries below, you can receive training and gain exposure to challenging projects within a KPMG member firm at home and in another country. It could be the first of many overseas assignments in your successful career with KPMG. Are you ready? Just click on the relevant link below to find out more or to apply locally.


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Our internship program
Explore how our people are building internaional experience early on in their careers.

Annika Westlund
My name is Annika Westlund. I’m an intern. I am from Stockholm, Sweden, and I am doing my internship in Los Angeles, California.


1. Opportunity
To be able to, for eight weeks, both have a national experience and an international experience, so many possibilities within your career, just to either work in your own country or abroad, chances like these, they don’t come very often.


2. Reputation
KPMG has a really good reputation in Stockholm in Sweden. They have visited my university a lot, so I have a very good picture of them. So I hope in the future that I will be working within auditing, and hopefully with KPMG.


3. Values
I think they focus very much on their employees. That’s one of, I think, their values, and I think they talk a lot about it, but I think also when you’re actually here with them, you experience and you realize that it’s actually true, they do invest a lot of time, and they make it just so that you are comfortable, that you get as much as you can out of your experience.


4. Range of experience
I have had four weeks of working in the Stockholm office, so I think you really get a pretty broad range of what auditing implies. And here we have had training for a week, so we had a lot of intense long days with a lot of information and interactive training, and a lot of fun evenings with dinners and musicals and scavenger hunts. So I’m very much enjoying myself.


5. Diversity
I’ve always been curious about new cultures. You learn so much more when you are abroad, usually, than when you are at home. I think you get a different point of views, other perspectives; a very good learning experience. Just by meeting all the other international students, I think it’s a great way of networking. You get a feeling of what it would be like being on rotation maybe when you start working.


6. Balance
They have a good balance between working life and your private life, and I just think they can offer you so many possibilities within your career, just to either work in your country or abroad. My expectations have been just to learn about the profession, to get to know KPMG better, to learn about their culture, and just to see how easy it is to have an international career.


7. My future
I do hope to have an international career, so this is just to be able to experience what that would be like, but on a smaller scale now, of course.

Yes, I mean it’s incredible. It’s really — you are honored — it is amazing to be here.

Carolina Cherulli
I am Carolina Cherulli. I am an intern from Sao Paulo, Brazil.


1. Amazing Opportunity
It’s amazing. Everybody was saying, like I’m going to New York to work for KPMG. Well, you can’t have a better job than that. We see all the effort they put in this internship, it’s like hotel and food and all the documentation that people need to get into the USA. It’s really, really, really nice what they are doing for us. It’s really good to see different people, talk with different people, and see these different cultures, because there is a lot of ways of thinking, a lot of methods to do, and if you can learn from the ones that are better than the ones that you are using, it’s just like you can improve every day.


2. Valuable experience
We had this audit training for two days. It was like we had the methodology, we had like all the procedures and the tasks that are made… We had also, how to speak with people, how to deal with different personalities. It’s really interesting, and I think you can learn a lot from it; much more than if you just stay in your country. I’m going to be able to not be too shy to go and interview a client. English is not being my first language, and so you can also get a little bit better at it, so you can formalize global working papers in English.


3. A great start
In my situation when I am allocated in Citigroup in Brazil, and I will be allocated in Citigroup here too. And if I am doing the U.S. care part in Brazil I can do this part here too. So I can prove my work there to achieve my goals. I may say that I have learnt much more in KPMG than I did in the years of university, so I think it’s… that’s why it’s a really good place to start a career and build a career and be part of this family that is KPMG.


Catherine Cyriet
I am Catherine Cyriet and I am an intern from the Dallas, Texas office.

Once I found out about the global internship I was really excited that they were starting to branch out and really offer stuff for interns and offer things for tax and advisory as well.


1. Typical day
We did a lot of work with US-based firms that had international holdings. We would go to lunch with my two senior managers and the other staff in the company cafeteria about noon, we’d go back to the office in the afternoon, and we would do more returns, we’d get to sit on a few conference calls. We’d usually spend about an hour talking with one of my senior managers about a different tax issue or an issue that was pressing one of our firms’ clients currently; and then about six I would leave and would get to go to a museum for a couple of hours.


2. Best experience
I think the best work-based experience I had in Paris was being able to see projects from start to finish. I had many multi-tiered partnerships that I got to work on, and so I not only was preparing all the subsidiaries, then I also got to do the big conglomerate partnership at the top, and it was a really good experience; and I also really enjoyed getting to work with the team and seeing how the team interacted in getting the experience of working on a smaller team in a foreign city.


3. Values
KPMG in my home country, it was so funny how similar it was to my host country in Paris, France. All these people still had the same KPMG values that I had grown to really expect out of KPMG personnel. Yes, I know what the Dallas professional is, but it was enjoyable to see that same standard and quality and really excellence, that KPMG prides itself upon in its people was able to be found in these people in a foreign country. I had no idea the quality of work I was going to be able to do; how much I was going to really enjoy the city, even once I got over there, I’ve been able to travel abroad to other countries to go visit other global interns as well.


4. Dedication
I really had to be self-sufficient and self-review myself, because I didn’t want to take work from an intern level and go up to a senior manager and waste their time, and so really had to self-review my work and make sure that I was doing everything I could be doing to keep myself busy and make sure that I was doing what I needed to be doing.


KPMG is really dedicated to getting their people international experience really early on in their career, because they know how valuable that is. And just to be able to see this level of dedication that KPMG has towards its personnel has been really great and really insightful into the firm’s values.


5. My future
The global internship program has really made me more marketable, just further on in my career. I’ve already had international experience, already have experience working on international clients and dealing with just international culture in general. That’s something that not many people have, let alone right when they start off. My future hiring firm will be able to say, ‘Oh, I know she has this experience; I don’t have to worry about will she be a good fit for this project; she will be able to jump in feet first.’

Fernando Maskobi
I’m from Brazil. I’m from KPMG’s Sao Paulo office, and I am an Advisory intern, Fernando Maskobi.


1. Diversity
I think New York city is definitely one of the best cities, you know, for hosting this kind of program. You hear, like, different accents, you know different people and you see many things at the same time. KPMG also provided us different activities and it was great. Usually when you are an intern you are not able to do those kinds of things. At KPMG, I think they make all the support and the arrangements for you to do that, so I’m really excited.


2. Global professionals
I think our firms’ clients are more than ever expecting global professionals, so if you start your career as an intern, being global, I think that means a lot. Then I think that generates value for the organization, for the employee and absolutely for the client.


3. Opportunity
I think it has helped me already. Once you are here you can start dealing with other people. You can respect individualities, respect different values, which is great. Your network you get, it’s huge. You know, you can know different people, like all over the world from the far corners of the world. And you have more opportunity in your life, in your personal life, in your professional life too.


4. Why KPMG?
First of all KPMG is a place to work because it provides, you know, it’s richer for you to build your career. They are open in their communication, they invest in employees. They let you just raise your hand and make questions. You know, they are very open. Like, I think if a student is looking for a global career, so look for KPMG, definitely.

Michelle Millar
My name is Michelle Millar I am an intern with KPMG in the U.S. and I’m from Cleveland Ohio. My local office is Atlanta but I will be going to London for the Global part of the internship.


1. Living/working abroad
I’ve been abroad before, and I’ve seen what different countries are like, but I’ve never really got the chance to live and work there. I think working there will be a completely different experience to anything else I’ve had before, so I’m really looking forward to that.


2. A global experience
No matter where you work in the United States you are always going to have a domestic type of experience. I really wanted a global experience because I think it will prepare me professionally in a way that I just can’t get by staying in the country. I believe if you travel early on and see what it is to work abroad you will be more apt to do so in the future. So I’m really excited to open my mind to different opportunities in my career, to go abroad.


3. Nervous excitement
I’m just nervous about doing a good job, and different accounting standards that I may not be familiar with. But there was training this week and I’m prepared so far, so I’m not going to worry too much about it.

Mark Blom
I am Mark Blom. I am an intern for KPMG. I am from The Hague. It’s where the government is in the Netherlands. I am going to work in New York city in the United States.


1. Social experience
We have done a lot of fun stuff. We’ve learnt so much in such a little, short time. It’s been amazing. We’ve seen a Broadway musical, we went bowling, ate hamburgers of course — oh well, I’m going to a Patriots and Giants game on the 28th, so that’s going to be fun.


2. The people
The people are great. They are really, really social, they are really friendly. They always want to explain everything to you, and they really want to make you feel comfortable and at home. It shows that they want to invest in you, and they want to make sure that you stay working for them, and that you enjoy working for them.


3. Diversity
I really want to go to different countries, meet different people, and see what the differences are between different cultures and the differences in auditing. And I really want to see what New York business life is like.


4. My advice
I would say always take the opportunity to go to other places and learn stuff, and just see a lot of the world and other people, other cultures; and just go if you’ve got the chance.

Michael Dunleavy
I’m Michael Dunleavy. I am from Virginia and I work in the US firm’s Washington DC office, and I travelled to Melbourne, Australia for my global internship.


1. Opportunity
The opportunity to go to somewhere else outside the country was a definite plus, and because I got to experience this whole different world and different views and cultures, this was an out of this world experience.


2. My first week
I arrived in Melbourne, Australia, I got my apartment, started my first week, did a bit of training. Towards the end of the week I was working on a commodities firm from the U.S., and then at the end of the week on Friday, they told me, “Oh Mike, by the way, you’re going to Tasmania.” They don’t want to keep you cooped up inside the office the entire time you are there. I mean, you definitely want to get the work experience, and I did learn a whole lot, but they did give you the opportunity, you know, on a weekend, so you get out.


3. Culture
With the global internship you’re surrounded by people from that country, and that’s what makes it so good. And you’re actually speaking with them and going out to lunch with them. So you’re getting 24/7 immersion into this culture, which is great.


4. Best experience
I’d say the best work experience I had was setting up the audit room, and there was over 60 files, there was 20 people working on the audit, and we’re all in this huge conference room. It was just neat to see that many people, and all just be in one room and all working together, complete one big goal. I wasn’t the only foreigner in the room. So I was from the U.S. I had a Senior Manager that was from the Netherlands, my Performance Manager was from the U.K. I was actually carrying some kind of responsibility, because whatever work I was doing was going to be relied on by someone else.


5. Real responsibility
I expected that I would be treated like an intern when I showed up. You know, I was actually treated like I was an employee coming into KPMG. I met an Inductions Officer downstairs. We went through training for two days and learnt some of the systems that they work with, and procedures they go through administratively. It was good, because I was getting hands-on experience and they were actually giving me some of the responsibilities that they would give an actual Australian first year Associate.


6. The benefit
Professionally and personally, the whole experience has just made me more confident in myself. To know that I can do big things and be confident in my work and know how to speak with people and understand different viewpoints.

Scott Alder
I’m Scott Alder. I am from the London office in the UK, and I’m currently over in the States. I’m going to be working in New York city for four weeks.


1. The people
Firstly the people: I mean, the people all seem to be second to none. Everyone you meet is just so friendly, so helpful. Especially as an intern, obviously you can come into this and it will be, “Oh my God, like, what do I do?” You come in really nervous. “Do I ask questions? If I’ve got a problem, where do I go?” People will put down their work, really help you out.


2. Training
I think the training program was really top class, like it was really thorough. I do feel very confident that when I go out for my first day on Monday, that I’ll be up to speed and will be able to handle all the tasks that I’m given.


3. Global experience
I think the expectation was just to give us an early introduction into how an organization like KPMG works internationally, to see whether there are differences or comparisons between different international member firms. And they are definitely being upheld so far. Guys from the US who have really driven home how alike the firms are across borders, whether you go to London or Budapest or wherever around the world.


4. Why KPMG?
They are willing to invest so much in their people. You know, to send interns halfway across the globe. The people I’ve met, both in London and in New York, I would obviously really like to stay in contact with, you know, and it’s really good in the fact that it can help you build up networks within both countries. To get this kind of business experience at the age of 20 is just unfounded. It can only help me go on in leaps and bounds put me above the competition.

The global internship program just emphasizes the opportunities that KPMG firms offer their employees.

About the program
Gaining a place on the Global Internship Program could be the first step in building your future international career.


It's hard to think of anywhere else you can get exposure to international business at such a high level so early on - and as you'd expect, competition for the places will be tough.

But each person who wins one of the 100 or so internships will benefit from a truly life-changing experience. The program is only available in those member firms listed below this module. It enables interns to work for two member firms - you home country and another firm in the KPMG global network — typically for around four weeks at each during January-March 2009 and July-August 2009.


Working with some of our firms' leading global national clients, you will have the opportunity to gain technical knowledge and broaden both your business experience and your worldview. We genuinely want you to have a great time, so the program - including accommodation, travel, and a competitive salary — is fully funded by KPMG.


Our Global Mobility Teams manage your move abroad, so it goes as smooth as possible, and every intern will get a full introduction at the overseas firm.

This is an incredible opportunity for tomorrow's global professionals - so if you can demonstrate academic excellence and convince us that you really want to work for KPMG long-term, then one of these places could be yours.

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