• Industry: Healthcare, Government & Public Sector
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Video
  • Date: 2/7/2014
  • Length: 1:53 Minutes

What’s next for healthcare: Improving the patient experience 

What’s next for healthcare - Mark Rochon on: Improving the patient experience:

The real problem facing health insurers, governments, providers, is the question of value. How do we improve value for the payer, and how do we improve the experience for patients?

And when we think about patients who consume the most significant share of healthcare resources, it’s a relatively small number. About five percent of the population consumes two-thirds of the resource base in terms of healthcare spending.

So how can we improve their experience as well? This isn’t just about the money, it’s about improving the quality of patient care for people who have very complicated illnesses and diseases, who rely on the healthcare systems in their countries to help them.

One of the problems we have for the most part in developed countries is the organization of health systems. We’re not organized in a way that’s consistent with the needs of patients, consistent with the needs of the five percent of the population who consumes two-thirds of the resource base. So we need to come up with new organizational models and relationships between providers that are oriented toward helping patients achieve their health goals.

Mark Rochon, a Partner with KPMG in Canada, talks about what’s next for healthcare: improving the value proposition for payers and enhancing the overall experience for patients.

What’s next for healthcare

‘What’s next for healthcare’ is a video series exploring the major trends transforming the global healthcare landscape

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