• Industry: Healthcare, Government & Public Sector
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Video
  • Date: 2/7/2014
  • Length: 2:07 Minutes

What’s next for healthcare: Delivering better outcomes for less 

What’s next for healthcare - Dr. Marc Berg on: Delivering better outcomes for less:

I think the next big thing to arrive in health care is the realization that we are going to have to do a lot better with a lot less money.

We’re starting to see that the model of paying for individual activities and paying for things that doctors do and organizations used to be doing, it’s starting to shift quite rapidly towards looking at whether this is actually helping people and patients get better, higher quality outcomes. And so, to pay for the right outcomes rather than to pay for the activity is creating a completely different mindset for organizations, and that’s now also hitting the work floor and the professionals are starting to have to have to align themselves differently.

What people will need to do is not to just optimize their own organization, they’re going to also think outside of the box and think outside of the boundaries of their organization and really start to think - how can I, with my organization, play the best role in this larger healthcare ecology to become a player in this creation of value?

And in that sense healthcare is lagging behind other service industries. Billions and billions and billions of dollars and Euros are spent there, and yet, it’s actually quite difficult to get people to agree on describing what it actually delivers. And that’s going to change, and that’s going to be the major revolution that’s coming towards us over the next ten years.

Dr. Marc Berg, a Partner with KPMG in the US, talks about what’s next for healthcare: how healthcare organizations will need to work harder to deliver higher quality outcomes for less.

What’s next for healthcare

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