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  • Date: 2/7/2014
  • Length: 2:03 Minutes

What’s next for healthcare: The prevention paradigm 

What’s next for healthcare - John Teeter on: The prevention paradigm:

What we see is, especially in the United States, is a transformation from paying for volumes of treatment to paying for the value of treatment. Moving towards accountable care organizations where a physician or any provider, whether it’s a hospital or a physician, are accountable for the health of the patient, and the wellness of the individual, so that you move more toward a prevention paradigm rather than a treatment paradigm.

So healthcare leaders are coming to us now to do things to prepare for this new change in operating models. And so what they, what we’re seeing a lot of is an evolution towards collaborations, or systems of services.

And so what you’re going to see is, you’re going to see human services and life sciences doing prevention, patients that are more engaged in their own health and well-being, providers that are now accountable for that population of patients that they serve. The payers are now going to pay the providers according to that wellness model rather than a treatment model.

And by doing that you avoid costs of treatment in the later years because you prevented them in the earlier years.

John Teeter, a Partner with KPMG in the US, talks about what’s next for healthcare: how greater accountability among payers, providers and patients is driving new models centered on prevention and wellness rather than treatment.

What’s next for healthcare

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