• Industry: Healthcare, Government & Public Sector
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Video
  • Date: 2/7/2014
  • Length: 2:16 Minutes

What’s next for healthcare: The Big Data opportunity 

What’s next for healthcare - Ahraf Shehata on: The Big Data opportunity:

So regarding big data, there are fantastic opportunities we’re seeing right now. Our historical model of data in any industry has always been to take that data, put it into a large container, and then to go through and try to figure out different questions and respond to different enquiries around our business.

What’s interesting now is with the internet and with the technologies we’re seeing; starting with the data that’s in those grand containers is a fantastic first step.

We’re also finding that there’s a lot of data outside. It’s the data about everything we do – the purchases we make, how we live our lives, and when you combine that unstructured data with the structured data in those containers, that’s going to bring new visibility, and new capabilities to the things we haven’t even imagined yet. So to me, that’s going to be the opportunity for us to transform healthcare using big data.

And when you look at the trends of healthcare becoming more consumer focused, or healthcare becoming more financially focused, or healthcare becoming more retail focused, it’s being able to combine those habits, trends, activities, behaviors, and preferences, with the data and information we have from our electronic health records, from our claims systems, and from our pharmacy systems.

We’re seeing the seeds of it happen today, we’re seeing big technology companies come forward with fantastic new innovations, new ways to store data, new ways to create social mining, and social media capabilities.

So I encourage everybody in this industry to really go after these trends today. Start with some pilots, start small, but this could be the next evolution of an industry that is really, really strong today with data, but could really be transformative in the future with big data.

Ahraf Shehata, a Partner with KPMG in the US, talks about what’s next for healthcare: how healthcare can make the most of the exciting opportunities Big Data has to offer the sector.

What’s next for healthcare

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