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Vision to Action 

Insurers with deep understanding of their customers, products and services will be well positioned to achieve profitable growth now and into the future.
Vision to Action

Once a customer vision is agreed upon, clear processes must be put into place along every avenue of customer interaction, against the back-drop of a customer-focused operating model. This requires real customer insight to develop relevant propositions distributed and delivered through multiple channels in order to provide an exceptional customer experience. These drivers are at the core of KPMG’s Customer Action Plan.

It is time for action.

Customer Insight
Customer Strategy
 Channel Optimization
Service Excellence
Customer at center

While the appetite to be customer-centric is compelling, it conflicts with those corporate mindsets that emphasize near-term priorities and the delivery of short-term shareholder value. The time required to gather customer perspectives, refine propositions and then take them to market will span more than a few quarters, but those insurers focused on long-term sustainable value creation will be rewarded.

At KPMG, we believe that the end-to-end execution of a clear customer strategy in the insurance industry is more critical now than ever before. Learn more about KPMG’s approach to helping insurers build a customer-centric organization. To discuss you specific situation with one of our Customer experts, please contact or call your local KPMG office.

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