Channel Optimization 

Optimizing distribution is one of the most effective ways to improve profitability. As customer preferences for self-serve and advisory channels change along with new regulations and technologies, opportunities arise for insurers to differentiate themselves. Do you understand how customers want to buy your products and have
you aligned your distribution strategy?
Channel Optimization

The evolving preferences of the next generation of insurance customers are already changing the way insurers distribute products. Offering a consistent high quality customer experience across all sales channels while ensuring transparency of financial services products will be expected in order to excel and build trust in both digital and face-to-face interactions.

Channel optimization can provide:

  • Improved customer perception and better data collection.
  • Compliant effective sales processes that optimize a consistent customer experiences across touch points.
  • Higher ROI of new and existing channels. A better understanding of the cost to serve.
  • Customer access to ‘best of breed’ products at fair costs.
  • More productive sales – improved sales processes, increased revenue and a reduced risk profile.
  • Remediation cost mitigation.

KPMG’s approach focuses on helping insurers with:

  • Multi-channel optimization strategy
  • Multi-channel implementation
  • Needs based selling processes
  • Regulatory compliant selling processes

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