• Industry: Technology, Media, Telecommunications
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 9/4/2012

US gears up the next technology generation 

The home of Apple, Google, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon keeps on churning out new innovations.

The US has shaped a series of tech advances, from the silicon chip to the dotcom boom to the social networking craze, and now the convergence of the cloud and non-stop mobile.

Thanks to the lean start-up process, entrepreneurs are scaling companies to sizeable revenues with smaller teams and less cash. The innovation cycle is speeding up, with a new generation of talented entrepreneurs creating the next disruptive technologies.

Silicon Valley continues to be the radius for tremendous innovation spanning startups and global tech enterprises. Having the largest venture capital market in the world doesn’t hurt either, plus the pioneer spirit that has made the Valley one of the world’s top R&D centers. Other tech hubs are also emerging in New York, Seattle, Cambridge, Portland and Austin.

“Given the uniqueness of Silicon Valley’s ecosystem, I don't believe the center of technology innovation is going to change in the next four years. However, other tech hubs will drive innovation, with more collaboration across countries.”

- Gary Matuszak, Global and US Chair, Technology, Media & Telecommunications


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