• Industry: Energy & Natural Resources
  • Date: 5/25/2012

Central and Eastern Europe – Shale gas development “inevitable” 

Many Central and Eastern European countries, especially Poland, Romania and Ukraine, will potentially be important markets for shale gas production in the next decade, as governments struggle with dwindling conventional gas reserves, rising energy demand and an over-dependence on single countries for primary energy needs.

With significant shale gas potential in Lithuania, Hungary and Bulgaria, there are signs that local conditions – including geology, as well as regulatory and legal frameworks – are typically very different from those prevailing in North America, where local companies first engaged in shale gas exploitation activities.

There is no doubt that development of the shale gas industry is inevitable in this region; there are proven reserves in several countries, and all, without exception, are desperate to diversify their energy supplies.

Shale gas central and eastern Europe: Section one (PDF 2MB)

  • Executive summary
  • Defining CEE energy markets
  • Importance of shale gas in CEE

Shale gas central and eastern Europe: Section two (PDF 2MB)

  • Comparison of shale gas in the US and CEE
  • Public acceptance of shale gas development
  • Economics of shale gas

Shale gas central and eastern Europe: Section three (PDF 1MB)

  • Country profiles: Poland, Romania, Ukraine

Shale gas central and eastern Europe: Section four (PDF 2MB)

  • Country profiles: Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria
  • Potential shale markets
  • Investment potentials
  • Acronyms
  • Country abbreviations
  • What can KPMG offer to the shale gas sector

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