Global Energy Institute – North America – KPMG In the News 

This collection of news stories captures insight and contributions by KPMG subject matter experts. The industry coverage mentions include KPMG senior partners in global chemicals, energy and mining sectors.

Energy price drop challenges viability of Canadian LNG projects

11 ways to survive and thrive in the age of cheap oil

Energy companies brace for job cuts as oil prices fall

KPMG expert explains why Saudi Arabia can't sink crude prices into oblivion

Cyber threats put energy sector on red alert

One Step Ahead (PDF 212 KB)

US Markets Drive Global Reallocation and Growth

Tracking Tax Reform for the Oil & Gas Industry: The Baucus Proposals (PDF 196 KB)

Read When the Power Goes Out: What Utilities Need to Know About the Future of Outage Response (PDF 8.3 MB)

Five Tax Facts That Oil and Gas Executives Should Know (PDF 221 KB)

Master of your Supply Chain: Remote Locations and Fewer Resources Up the Supply Game (PDF 533 KB)

Procurement - Making the Case (PDF 380 KB)

Smart Workforce Strategies for Smart Grid (PDF 350 KB)

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