• Type: Case study
  • Date: 6/17/2011

Case study: Driving revenues from corporate mobile banking 

Driving revenues from corporate mobile banking
How are leading banks approaching the development and deployment of mobile services? Here are a few case studies that highlight innovative banks around the world.
Will corporate clients adopt mobile payment solutions? For a US-based global bank, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Mobile banking as new sources of revenue

With increasing pressure on its retail banking side, the bank has put an increased focus on growing their middle market and corporate customer offerings to gain new market share and drive new sources of revenue.

The bank developed a long-term plan that prioritized cash management solutions that would develop their global and local footprint to serve a wider customer base. As a result, the bank has focused on creating new services such as freedom alerts, remote authorization and mobile treasury services that targets the middle market specifically.

Understanding the value of mobile banking

By segmenting and analyzing their customer base, the bank was able to better understand the value that their services provided to their client base and set their fees accordingly. In a number of situations, the bank bundled existing internet services and cash management solutions together with the mobile platform to provide a premium service and holistic solution to smaller businesses.

“Mobile services are a great way for banks to grow their middle market and corporate customer offerings while also expanding their global footprint,” added Mitch Siegel with KPMG in the US.


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