Investment Management Megatrends 

Demographic, technological, environmental and social values and behavior trends are set to re-draw the investment management landscape. While megatrends present challenges, they also bring unprecedented opportunities for the investment management industry.


Megatrends: Demographics

Demographic trends will magnify the need for effective investment management. The investment manager’s client base will radically change.


Megatrends: Environment

In our environment, resource insecurities are changing investment opportunities and demand for risk protection.


Megatrends: Technology

Technological developments will continue to drive economic and environmental change.

Social values, behavior and ethics

Megatrends: Social values

Our social values, behavior and ethics are changing as there is a revolution in how the world’s population interacts, communicates and behaves.

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Industry Implications


Top 10 questions to help you consider how you and your investment management business need to respond to mega trends.