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  • Date: 3/25/2014

HGM Tracker – March 2014 

Deals involving high growth markets (HGMs) fall to levels reminiscent of the lowest point of the global economic downturn. Developed-to-high-growth acquisitions down 11 percent between H1 and H2 2013. Overall global M&A decreased by 13 percent over the course of 2013.
HGM Tracker – March 2014
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    Deals between developed market acquirers and high growth market targets continued the downward trend of the last 3 years, falling back to 2009 levels in H2 2013.

    High growth market acquirers appear to be more proactive, prioritizing deals in developed markets over investments in other high growth markets. In addition, fluctuations in local currencies against the dollar could be influencing the pattern of deals coming out of key high growth markets.

    HGM graph

    The HGM Tracker looks at deal flows between 15 developed economies (or groups of economies) and 13 high growth economies (or groups of economies). The Tracker is produced every 6 months to give an up-to-date picture of cross-border merger and acquisition activity, with the current edition featuring deals between July and December 2013.

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