• Industry: Financial Services, Capital Markets, Banking
  • Type: Benchmarking study, Survey report, White paper
  • Date: 7/16/2012

Focus on Transparency – Financial reporting of European banks in 2011 

In the sixth edition of our annual survey of 15 European banks, Focus on Transparency examines if banks can survive the storm. With unpredictable economies and highly volatile financial markets the European banking system is facing some of its toughest tests. These banks should be seeking to rebuild shattered trust and confidence, rein in costs, increase lending and de-risk the balance sheet, all while delivering improved shareholder returns.

There are, however, clear and fundamental conflicts between these needs, which fight against each other for dominance. In many ways they represent an unwinnable war. And yet banks continue to survive. It is clear that, fundamentally, the business of banking is moving in a new direction and the idea of what constitutes ‘normal’ performance is changing.

The surveyed banks consistently report four priorities as the cornerstones of their future strategies. Follow the links below to read what they are and some of the performance highlights.

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