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Global War for Talent 

Fredrick Spalcke, Philips:

cutting through complexity



Executive Vice President
Chief Procurement Officer

in conversation with

Advisory Partner
KPMG in The Netherlands


The new normal will be constant disruption

FREDRICK SPALCKE: Today, if you’re a CPO, I think you should focus on the mindset that you need to portray, and that is that the new normal is constant disruption. So anybody thinking that, well, we’re going to have one year of hard work, and then we set the train on its tracks, and everything’s going to be okay, this world is over. There’ll always be a new crisis, a new challenge. So we talked about risk management, same thing there. The new normal


will be constant disruption, which means we need people who are really good, but who have a mindset and understanding that this is going to be the new way of working.


The increased meaning of procurement requires a new generation

With the increased position of procurement, and I mean the increased meaning of procurement, you will find a huge shortage of qualified procurement people for the next generation type of procurement. So not only we have a global war for talent, but in procurement in particular, we have a real problem in finding the right people.


Procurement today requires a 24/7 global attitude

Procurement people today, if they work in a global company, they need to be 24/7 from their whole attitude, because business is always happening, and you cannot become a bottleneck. You need to work flexibly, you need to work over different time zones because your entire sourcing discussion happens over different time zones. You may have a


regional development center in one country, a manufacturing place in another, and a supplier’s headquartered in another, and you need to combine that. You need to share information. You need to constantly work over time zones, and that makes you a 24/7 person. So that means, attitude-wise, you need to be open to deal with different cultures, with different working styles, with different time, you need to be proactive to really always keep that cross-functional team, that international team. There’s a big shortage of people who can orchestrate teams that can work in a collaborative way. There’s a big shortage of these type of people, and especially in procurement.


You will have to have the right people, and be a different shade of company

JOHN TROS: Not a lot of companies still realize the world of talent, but you should remember that within, I think, five years,


a lot of people, which were after the second World War, the Baby Boomers will retire, and that’s a big challenge, because then the world challenge will become bigger, so I think what he’s saying might not play in all cases, but within five years, it will play in all cases, and then you’ll have to have the right people, and you have to be the different shade of company that people want to work for you.

cutting through complexity


Within the next five years shifting workforce demographics will amplify an already competitive market for talent, specifically in procurement organizations. Fredrick Spalcke, CPO at Philips, discusses the new normal within the procurement profession - constant disruption, increasing risk, and the need for specialized skills and competencies. CPO’s must be prepared and focused to battle for the talented personnel needed to deliver value in the procurement organizations of tomorrow.

Fredrick Spalcke

Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Philips

Fredrick Spalcke is the Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer of Royal Philips. Before joining Philips, in 2012, Mr. Spalcke worked for several multinational companies in executive leadership roles, building a successful international career with a strong track record of restructuring and delivering results, based on a broad experience in Corporate Strategy, M&A, Logistics and Procurement.

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