Executive Talks 

The Executive Talks video series features interviews with senior leaders from an impressive set of global firms discussing key challenges and trends in procurement and supply chain management. Executives across a variety of industry sectors offer insights from their experience on how procurement fundamentally drive value to the business.
Executive Talks

Conversations feature Christian Rast, Head of KPMG Procurement Advisory Global Center of Excellence; Samir Khushalani, Advisory Partner in the United States; Thorsten Martin Schiefer, Advisory Partner in Germany; John Tros, Advisory Partner in the Netherlands; Michael Pleuger, Advisory Partner in Germany.

Thank you to the following interviewees for making this series possible:

  • Jan Fokke van den Bosch, Global Chief Procurement Officer, ING
  • Volker Pyrtek, CEO, BuyIn – The Procurement Joint Venture of Deutsche Telekom and Orange
  • Detlef Schultz, CEO Vodafone Procurement and Global Supply Chain Management Director, Vodafone
  • Fredrick Spalcke, Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Philips
  • Tim Tolhurst, Executive Vice President and Chief Purchasing Officer, DSM
  • Scott Wharton, Managing Director and Global Chief Procurement Officer, Citi
  • Eric Rositzki, Director Terminals Operations and Logistics at Vodafone Group
  • Karl-Heinz Müller, Thought Leader in Global Procurement

Check back often as we broaden the discussion.

Supply Chain Transformation
Driving value in procurement
Business Alignment
Market forces
Procurement Operating Models
Talent Management
Procurement Transformation
Supplier Management
CSR & Compliance

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