• Industry: Telecommunications
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 7/22/2013

Online customer experience - MVNOs lead the way 

Online customer experience
MVNOs generally provided a better online customer experience, and it was clear that some valuable lessons could be learnt from them in the online space.

For example, we identified considerable scope for using online chat to improve the customer experience. This facility was offered by only 40 percent of operators sampled and, in many cases, wait times were excessive or the chat application functioned poorly.

Figure 1

We also uncovered some highly innovative business models: a UK MVNO, for example, that runs its entire operations online and even depends on its users for new product and service ideas, for answering support queries and for recruiting new customers.

Similarly, an Australian MVNO has no retail outlets or contact center: it makes its SIMs and customer service available only through online channels with an emphasis on social media.

“We believe that the future of prepaid in Spain is the online channel. MVNOs primarily use the web and they grew surprisingly fast last year. The MVNOs provide the better customer experience; their products are simpler and their websites and IVRs are friendlier to navigate than those of the network operators.”

- David Oliván
Director, KPMG in Spain

The study found that many operators did not make use of online channels for cross-sell and up-sell and KPMG International recommends they follow the lead set by companies like to make better use of online customer interactions.

For many MVNOs, online is the primary customer contact channel and operators are pushing prepaid customers to online to save on contact center costs, so it is essential that customers have a good online experience.


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