Effecting sustainable value improvement in oil & gas 

In the years following the global financial crisis, the oil and gas industry has slowly been settling into a new normal. Growth in energy demand is slowing whilst oil and gas supply is increasing.


In the Asia Pacific region, the dynamic is slightly different with many countries still dominated by national oil companies (‘NOCs’) and regulated pricing. Ironically, this regulation arguably increases the need for companies operating in these markets to extract value through operational efficiencies as profit growth through pricing and revenue is limited.

This KPMG Global Energy Institute webcast will explore an alternative lens through which a company can look at effecting long-term sustainable value improvement in its business.

Why you should join the webcast


  • Hear how private equity investors identify value improvement opportunities in investee companies
  • Learn how you can apply the Private Equity Lens (‘PE Lens’) to identify value improvement opportunities in the oil and gas industry
  • Hear examples of value improvement opportunities that KPMG has identified for clients in the oil and gas industry
  • The examples of opportunities identified will be in an oil & gas context. However the principles can be applied to other industries within the Energy & Natural Resources sector


Leading the webcast will be Martin Armistead, Director of the Operations Strategy practice based in Singapore who has extensive experience in applying the Private equity lens to help both private equity investors and corporate clients deliver sustainable value improvement in their investee companies and businesses.

This webcast is a must for C-Suite and Directors involved with business strategy, operations and financing.

Pek Hak Bin

Pek Hak Bin

Head of Energy & Natural Resources, ASEAN

+65 6411 8138

Martin Armistead

Martin Armistead

Director, KPMG in Singapore

+65 6411 8274