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Reaction Magazine is published quarterly and focuses on key issues impacting the chemical and performance technology industry.
Modified date: 3/20/2014
Publication series

China's Chemical Industry: The new forces driving change

In the chemical industry, a new business paradigm is emerging, we are seeing increased technological competence and deeper local customization.
Modified date: 4/23/2013
Business and industry issue

China's 12th Five-Year Plan: Chemicals

The passing of the 12th Five Year Plan heralds this new phase of development, which is quickly being embraced by the leading players in the industry.
Modified date: 7/22/2013
Business and industry issue

Managing third party risk in the global chemicals market

This webcast will review operational excellence and risks associated with third party tank storage in the chemicals industry.
Modified date: 9/25/2013

Trade and Customs: A hidden source of value

This webcast discusses how trade and customs policies can drive greater business value in a challenging economic environment.
Modified date: 6/26/2013
Business and industry issue; Video

The Application of IFRS: Chemicals and Performance Technologies companies

The publication guides you through some of the accounting challenges facing chemicals and performance technologies companies that report under IFRS.
Modified date: 3/20/2013
Business and industry issue

Going green: a sustainable advantage for chemical companies

Considers how sustainability and the green agenda is continuing to shape and drive the chemical industry and the products it produces.
Modified date: 12/6/2013
Business and industry issue

Global opportunities for companies that act today

We focus on strategic challenges facing the global chemical industry and recommend five key actions executives need to focus on to make their companies successful in tomorrow’s world.
Modified date: 12/6/2013
Business and industry issue

Reaction Magazine: Seventh Edition

In this issue, we look at the future of the US chemical industry and particularly the impact of shale gas which has reinvigorated the country’s commodity chemical sector.
Modified date: 7/3/2012
Business and industry issue

Reaction Magazine: Fourth edition

In this edition, we see how M&A changes shape of global chemical industry & see how tax efficiency in supply chain can provides competitive advantage.
Modified date: 9/25/2012
Business and industry issue
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