• Service: Advisory, Risk Consulting, Forensic
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 10/4/2013

Astrus Monitoring – Automated online counterparty data monitoring 

Astrus Monitoring provides a precise and highly configurable system, capable of integrating and monitoring data from multiple information sources. Astrus Monitoring has been specified and built in response to our clients’ needs to maintain accurate and up-to-date reference information, whether for anti-money laundering (AML) or anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C) compliance purposes.

Astrus Monitoring is a credible and cost-effective alternative to manual monitoring processes. Changing to an event-driven system can help reduce your ongoing compliance costs and alert you more quickly to critical customer and counterparty data changes.

Secure portal

Astrus Monitoring is a web-based service hosted in KPMG’s secure Forensic data center. A user-friendly interface providing visibility of monitored entities and data changes. Astrus Monitoring's architecture is maintained by KPMG Forensic professionals and is accessed via an encrypted link.

Monitoring profiles

Using Astrus Monitoring, you can:
  • Set monitoring profiles according to your individual organization’s compliance needs
  • Track individual or multiple data sources through a single profile to maintain a unique entity data view, and
  • Establish data collection hierarchies by selecting key data (such as regulated status) directly from the regulator’s web site, while accessing supporting data such as company principals from preferred data aggregators


To maintain audit trail integrity, Astrus Monitoring reports include embedded screen shot attachments and are digitally signed. Astrus Monitoring offers an event-driven approach to periodic/rolling reviews of customer reference data. It provides an e-mail alerting system with built-in escalation points as well as a detailed audit and evidence trail.



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