Adapting to shifts in the chemicals sector 

The global chemicals sector is undergoing unprecedented change, as trade flows shift, new players emerge on a global scale and energy competitiveness influences the sector. These changes are challenging the traditional industry structure and those who operate within it.

Based on discussions with senior industry executives around the world and KPMG project experience, this session will provide insight into the trends driving the industry as well as a view on current risks and opportunities.

The Webcast is lead by KPMG's Chemical and Performance Technologies practice global chair, Michael Shannon, and global COO, Paul Harnick, who discuss the following topics:

  • Global GDP dependence and changing behaviours, with different regions acting according to local conditions
  • Global structural changes, including population growth, emerging middle class expansion especially in the developing world and the impact for the chemicals sector
  • The impact of shale gas -- production moving west as demand moves east
  • Regional industry dynamics and the difficulty of running a global chemical business in today's uncertain world
  • Review of industry strategy and outlook for global M&A activity

This Webcast is a must for C-suite and directors who operate within the chemicals sector.

Michael J Shannon

Michael J Shannon

Global Chair, Chemicals & Performance Technologies

+1 973 912 6312

Paul Harnick

Paul Harnick

Global COO, Chemicals & Performance Technologies

+44 20 7694 8532