• Date: 11/20/2012

Future-proofing business in the Gulf Cooperation Council region 

The global megaforces that will reshape the planet in the coming decades clearly demonstrate that the current resource-intensive structure of the Gulf Cooperative Council region (GCC) economy is no longer viable. KPMG International offers a useful platform for debate on how businesses and governments in the GCC region can respond to the major environmental and social changes taking place.

Population growth, water scarcity, climate change and other megaforces are combining to present increasingly complex challenges for governments and businesses worldwide.

Business leaders across the globe are now recognizing that, faced with such an uncertain future, traditional short term thinking cannot provide a firm foundation for continuing company success. A longer term perspective is needed.

Businesses in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region are no exception. They not only face particular risks due to the region’s unique economic, geographic and political situations, but must also adapt to capitalize on emerging business opportunities.

This publication focuses on the GCC region and asks:

  • What do environmental and social megaforces mean for businesses in the GCC?
  • How is the policy environment changing?
  • How are companies responding?
  • What should the priorities be for business leaders and governments in the region?

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