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Family businesses have unique challenges that aren’t always shared by other companies. Our hub offers a place to connect and engage with KPMG advisers and peers to share experiences and conversations around articles relevant to your business. Topics like succession & next generation, governance, growth, assurance, exit strategies, wealth preservation and philanthropy are important for business families to manage effectively to remain competitive and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.
Why You Should Sell Your Business to an Employee
Financing alternatives
Family businesses stay close to family
Trend towards formal board of directors
WCD - KPMG Report
How to Generate Emotional Attachment to a Business
The Benefits of Governance
Long-term horizons
3 keys to a good family business succession plan
Effective governance
Italy’s family firms
The Family Business Dynamics
Values Affinity and Beyond
Conference in Cairo

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Family business articles

Famly business
Articles and insight around some of the topics that we’ve seen family businesses grapple with every day.

KPMG Family Business Global Survey

KPMG Family Business Global Survey
New KPMG study shows nearly 60 percent of family owned businesses are struggling to find external finance to fund investment.

The European Family Business Barometer: A more confident outlook

The European Family Business Barometer

European Family Businesses (EFB) and KPMG have once again joined forces to bring an insight into the confidence levels of family businesses.

Christophe Bernard

Christophe Bernard

Global Head of Family Business


The launch of KPMG’s Family Business Think Tank [video]

KPMG study

KPMG’s Global Family Business Centre of Excellence is excited to announce the launch of the KPMG Family Business Think Tank. Watch the video below, featuring Family Business leaders and KPMG partners sharing their thoughts.

KPMG Family Business Insights

KPMG Family Business Insights
FB insights covering 7 key issues Succession & Next Generation, Governance, Growth, Assurance, Exit Strategies, Wealth Preservation and Philanthropy.

Country Leaders

world map
View KPMG Family Business leaders around the world.


Keeping business in the family
A key driver of Asian economies

Global family business
Family business governance

How Australian Family Businesses are leading the way
Survival of family firms vs. non-family firms

Sages family story learn more Sages family story
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